Our Story

Engaging audiences through scriptwriters, filmmakers, and digital marketers.

We are committed to providing creative content to add value to your business. Klapboard is a digital media platform that produces creative content which helps businesses engage with customers. We have a unique and dedicated network full of talented content makers who work toward the same goal - enhancing communication. Our expertise takes on an artistic approach of digital promoting where we build content and strategy based on market research. Through this approach, we are able to add value to your business.

Our Story

Film Makers

Our world-class team of unique, talented content creators will help you create impactful communication to your audiences

Pictures may be worth worth a thousand words but motion pictures have the ability to connect audiences through emotion. Klapboard has a team of world-class content makers who deliver touching and memorable films in order to increase audience engagement. We are ready to help you meet your communication goals by helping you create impactful advertisement films, corporate films, event films, short films, documentaries, motivational AV’s, testimonials, in addition to much more content.

Digital Marketing

We know your products are the best products We want your customers to know that too. Here’s how we can help you grow:

Klapboard serves as a full service digital promotion agency that builds a relationship between brands and consumers. Using consumer psychology, market research, and competitor analysis, our goal is to make YOUR BRAND the FAVORITE BRAND among consumers. Leveraging SEO, social media, and ad campaigns will allow us to drive results and provide analytics to help grow business.

Social Media Management

We want to help increase your customer engagement rate for your company by increasing your social media presence.

Klapboard’s social media management team creates and manages top performing social media campaigns for your business. We help businesses of all sizes grow through leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. We are ready to transform your social media presence by developing high quality content, increasing user engagement, and tracking daily activity.

Social Media Management

Our Work

Enforcing intellectual property rights by means of submitting copyright takedown notices for others

Talent Sfir

Global Network

Talent Sfir is a global network of highly creative individuals.

Klapboard would like to invite individuals seeking unique talent to join our Talent Sfir to network with other individuals in the same industry.